Pieper Düring Ensemble: New Singles “Theme Song” (2023) and “Pineapple Canyon Cup” (2024) available on streaming platforms



Pieper Düring Ensemble: “Sketches for Keyboard, Guitar and Other Instruments”

 Album available on Spotify, Apple Music, deezer, amazon music…


Under Pines Guitar Project: Album “Beneath the Surface” (2023) available on streaming platforms


Daniel Düring plays electric and acoustic guitar. His instrumental solo EP “Guitar Comics”, containing a mix of blues, rock and jazz, was released in 2011. Together with Johannes Pieper he plays instrumental music (“Pieper Düring Ensemble”). The current focus of their program lies on live-looping-improvisation with guitar, keyboard, percussion and drums.

In 2020 Daniel Düring started a musical project for instrumental guitar music with guitarist Lars Schlüter: The “Under Pines Guitar Project” combines a wide range of different music styles, such as rock, jazz, global music sounds and elements from electronic music.

His progressive rock band “Tessellated Shapes” released their first album “In Different Frames” in 2016.


Pieper Düring Ensemble (“Pineapple Canyon Cup”, Single, 2024)

Pieper Düring Ensemble (“Theme Song”, Single, 2023)

Under Pines Guitar Project (“Beneath the Surface”, Album, 2023)

Pieper Düring Ensemble (“Sketches for Keyboard, Guitar and Other Instruments”, Album, 2021)

Under Pines Guitar Project (“Waiting”, Single, 2021)

Under Pines Guitar Project (“Dunes and Pines”, Single, 2021)

Under Pines Guitar Project (“The Lake”, Single, 2021)

Pieper Düring Ensemble (Single, 2018)

Emprovista (Single, 2018)

Tessellated Shapes - In Different Frames - Cover

Tessellated Shapes – “In Different Frames” (Album, 2016)

Daniel Düring - Guitarcomics - Cover

Daniel Düring – “guitar comics” (EP, 2011), Fairtone Records


Daniel Düring on YouTube