Tessellated Shapes - In Different Frames - Cover

Tessellated Shapes

On their debut album “In Different Frames”, Tessellated Shapes present complex progressive rock. The band’s name alludes to their central concept in terms of songwriting: within the album, themes / melodies / rhythm patterns are combined in different variations into multi-layered songs of up to 20 minutes in length.

Andreas Bracht (bass)

Daniel Düring (guitar)

Sabrina Lupp (vocals)

Till Minte (drums)

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Openmindedness, creative collaboration and improvisation are the keynotes influencing the musical cooperation of emprovista. The band combines various musical influences, like funk-grooves, jazz, reggae and other styles, to a wide range of global music sounds. Besides songs with female vocals and lyrics in the Turkish language, emprovista presents several instrumental songs.